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London Food and Drink Photography- Apoy Fillipino Market Halls Menu 2023 - Nic Crilly-Harg
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About APOY

The top Filipino restaurant in London.

London Food and Drink Photography- Apoy Fillipino Market Halls Menu 2023 - Nic Crilly-Harg

From the streets of the Philippines, to your table.

APOY, the Tagalog word for 'fire,' represents the heart of Filipino culinary culture.

A Filipino BBQ and street food concept curated by the skilled chef, Budgie Montoya, APOY offers a delicious array of grilled comfort dishes that bring the vibrant streets of the Philippines right to your table.

Embodying the heritage of our chef, Budgie Montoya, APOY is more than a restaurant - it's a celebration of what makes Filipino food so special.

So, what makes APOY one of London's finest Filipino restaurants?

Read on to find out more.

What we do best

At APOY, we have a straightforward approach. We do Filipino BBQ - and we do it very well.

We're not being modest; we know what we excel in. We've embraced the timeless tradition of grilling meat over fire, and infused it with authentic Filipino flavours.

Our goal is clear: to be the best at what we do, while celebrating the rich diversity of Filipino culture and cuisine.

Filipino cuisine has a wonderfully rich tapestry of influences, from across East and South East Asia, to Spain, Mexico, and the USA. It's distinctive and delicious, sweet and savoury, with a hint of spice - and we can't wait to share our take on it with you.

Meet your chef, Budgie Montoya

For over half a decade, Budgie has been at the forefront of promoting Filipino cuisine in London.

After opening his renowned restaurant, Sarap, Budgie proved that London deserved the very finest of Filipino food. With modern interpretations of classic comforting dishes, Budgie made his mark on the city - and its stomach.

Through a series of highly successful pop-up events and residencies, London was won over by his talent. Most notably, Budgie brought the vibrant flavours of the Philippines to a wider audience by representing London & South East on BBC2's Great British Menu.

Now, with APOY, Budgie combines authentic Filipino dishes and flavours with a casual, comforting twist. The concept has excited critics and customers since we opened, and we're so proud to create a new tradition of Filipino cuisine.

Showing off the depth of Filipino BBQ, APOY is influenced not only by Budgie's Filipino background, but equally his Aussie upbringing. APOY constantly pushes boundaries, and showcases and champions the diversity of Filipino food, putting it up there with the best Filipino restaurants in London.

Serving up his experiences and memories with every dish, Budgie's thoughtfulness and love for Filipino food is what makes APOY so special

Classic Filipino food, made with love.

The best Filipino food is all about connecting with tradition.

That's why, at APOY, we encapsulate the familiar deep, smoky, sweet and savoury flavours. Our dishes are thoughtfully crafted, with our signature recipes including the distinctive Filipino glaze of coconut vinegar, soy sauce, calamansi juice, 7UP, garlic, banana ketchup and spices. The sweet and savoury tanginess is what leaves our customers coming back for more.

Along with the Filipino staple of pork skewers, we boast a distinctive menu at APOY, including classics such as chicken inasal, adobo, lechon, crispy chicken skin, lumpia (spring rolls), pinoy pork, and garlic rice.

The marriage of sweet, salty, tangy, and savoury flavours conjure up the taste of grill carts lining the streets of Manila. Each bite brings those familiar to the Philippines home, and gives a sense of adventure to those exploring Filipino flavours for the first time.

Visit APOY for the best Filipino BBQ and Filipino street food in London - and taste tradition in a new way.

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