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Welcome To APOY | Filipino Restaurant In London

Looking for Filipino food reminiscent of home, or want to try some unique flavours for the first time? One of the best Filipino restaurants in London, Apoy is bursting onto the scene with bold tastes and island vibes that make the Philippines so spectacular.

About Apoy Filipino BBQ

Here at Apoy, our mission is to serve great quality, authentic Filipino food here in London. We have taken the age old classic, barbecue skewers, and added a twist of fun to create a truly memorable food experience. At Apoy, we aspire to turn timeless, traditional hits into the favourites of a whole new generation, so be among the first to try our Filipino foods here in Oxford Circus today!

By chef Budgie Montoya

Known for starting his own pop-up restaurant serving contemporary versions of Filipino classics, Budgie Montoya is back with another hit. Famous for his trailblazing dishes served at Sarap, Budgie creates hybrids of classic, traditional food inspired by family recipes but with a modern refinement. After his recent appearance on the 2023 series of Great British Menu, Budgie is only continuing to enhance the spectacular foods he continually serves.

Our specialties

One of the best restaurants, London, we have plenty of traditional specialties. Our Inihaw technique rivals any barbecue restaurants nearby - here are just a few of the treats we have on offer. Explore our delicious Filipino food menu below!

Skewers with classic Filipino flavours

For fans of pork belly or pulled pork, our pinoy pork skewers are something you'll need to try! Dressed with a sauce crafted from the classic 7up, banana ketchup and soy sauce glaze, these perfected skewers are our most popular dish.

And don't worry if you don't eat meat, we have a selection of vegetarian and vegan skewers too. Our mushroom skewers are a huge hit with customers looking for vegetarian options.


Our fried chicken skins are a popular side dish. Served with the classic Filipino sour sinigang seasoning that we all know and love, enjoy our crispy treats that are definitely worth ordering as seconds - or thirds if you're really hungry!

Or how about some garlic rice to pair with your mains? Our garlic rice is cooked to perfection, with just the right amount of seasoning. It's the perfect complement to our skewers and other side dishes.


For those with a sweet tooth, we have ice cream flavours from our great friends over at Araw. inspired by Filipino dessert classics. We recommend our ube halaya made from purple yam or mango sticky rice. These flavours tick all the nostalgic notes and are the perfect way to round off your authentic meal.

Try the best Filipino food in London at APOY today

Why not pop down today and try Filipino cuisine at one of the best restaurants in London? Try authentic Filipino street food and an array of comforting Filipino dishes, right here on your doorsteps.

Finding the finest Filipino restaurants that are authentic and offer an amazing customer experience can be a challenge, but at Apoy we strive to exceed expectations with every dish. Come join us for a taste of home or a new culinary adventure at Apoy today. Our friendly staff and tropical vibes await you! So come on in, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flavours of the Philippines right here.

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